Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Beginning of The End

Season 4 begins tomorrow night!

At 8 PM I think I heard there's going to be an hour-long recap of the last three seasons, so if you've never seen the show, but are interested in being in on one of the best productions television has ever seen, check it out.

Then at 9 PM - the journey continues...
So many "mystery boxes" still left to open!

Who's in the coffin?
Is Jacob real? Who is he?
What's that crazy smoke monster thing anyway?
Who's getting off the island and who's staying?
Why will Jack want to go back?
Who does Kate have to "get back" to?
Where have Michael and Walt been?
Why was Libby in the Santa Rosa Mental Hospital?
What's with the time-traveling bunny?
What's the guy's name - Wickman? Candle? Haliwax?
(And why are they all candle references?)
Can Mikhail (a.k.a. "Eyepatch") really not die?
What's with the Dharma Sharks?

UGH! Awesome!

I'll be posting my review this weekend!

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