Monday, January 28, 2008

GN'R Update

Not that there's anything particularly amazing to report, but I was curious about the status of this fabled "new album" - Chinese Democracy. So I did some homework and found out that the album is reportedly FINISHED and FINALIZED, has been handed over to Geffen Records, and is currently awaiting the results of some negotiations.

Apparently Mr. Axl Rose is trying to figure out, along with Geffen, how to get as much of our money as possible for this $13 million debacle. I've heard rumors about a triple album, but at the rate of the leaks, my guess is that's not gonna happen.

So we're at least that close to having a new album. If you haven't checked them out yet, here are some of the leaked/new songs from the new version of Guns N' Roses. Enjoy.

There Was A Time


Catcher In The Rye


Schwartzilla said...

Oh man, Axl and Michael Jackson should get together and trade plastic surgery war stories, and bitch about record companies and having to actually show up to concerts on time and preform entire sets before leaving the stage. Then MJ can invite Axl to come over and spend the night and Axl would punch Michael in the nose and it would fall off. That would be effing rad.

Mike Wood said...

Axl looks like Mark McGuire.