Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Sarah Connor Chronicles

I mean, it could be worse. But time-traveling to the future so you don't have to set your story in the late 1990s? What a cop-out! Funny how the John Connor character from Rise of the Machines never mentions his time-traveling adventures with mom. Guess he forgot all about it. (Hmm... maybe a memory-wipe will be featured in some finale!)

Anyway, sub-par compared to the movies, but decent enough TV. Some of the writing is actually pretty good and I find myself thinking more and more about the show. I'll definitely keep watching to see how it grows on me. I already like it better than 'Heroes' but, I gotta chalk that up to the movies. What do you think?

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Brad said...

I think that because T3 kind of wrapped up the series (taking us to judgment day) you have accept that the show won't fit into that movie's history. You can either accept that or let it bug you.

btw I agree with your overall assessment. I watched the show mainly for Summer Glou (as I was a firefly fan) and decided that it wasn't great but worth the 45 mins it takes to watch it.