Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Time for more blogs!

Okay, so since I'm just starting my first venture into blogging, I'm gonna bang out a few things that are fresh in my head.

First - a State of the Union Address... about me, though.... not about the Union.

I'm good, thanks.

Work has finally picked up again, so I've been enjoying the privilege of eating food again recently. Should keep me pretty busy. (For those of you who don't know, I'm editing a documentary about health, wellness, pharmaceuticals and stuff. Got to travel around the country shooting in during the summer, too.)

Let's see... what else?

I've kinda given up on buying CD's. There's a sign of the times! Last year, there was one "Black Tuesday" when I bought 3 new CD's of which I had been eagerly awaiting the release. They were Beck's The Information, The Killers' Sam's Town, and Jet's Shine On. Now, I wouldn't say they all sucked, but I come from a generation who saw the release of such albums as Michael Jackson's Thriller, U2's The Joshua Tree, Pearl Jam's Ten and Kid Rock's Devil Without a Cause... and, suffice it to say, I felt a bit let down this day.

I have about 400 CD's and now I can hold it all digitally in a device the size of a wallet. I can even acquire it free, if I really want to... but... who would want to do that? I mean, it's illegal, right? Who would have the balls to break the LAW? Not me, man! Not me!

So now, it's pretty much iTunes and the like. I'll be posting my quarterly music mixes as they happen from now on. Might even post the lists from the past 24 of them (I started these Mixes in September of 2001) if I feel like really being laughed at, which I sometimes do.

Love life? Yeah, no thanks. Being single right now is helping me get some stabilization in my life and is a huge stress reliever. That doesn't say much for my stress management skills within a relationship, does it?

Further news...

I bought a portable DVD player! Now I can watch LOST and The Simpsons (and recently The Sopranos - thanks, Mike!) and any of my bazillion movies from the comfortable position of laying down in bed without the mess and potential death hazard of a T.V. on the ceiling! I just roll over 90 degrees and watch the little screen on the night stand! Woo-hoo! (When your nearsightedness bests your efforts to watch the big TV at the other end of the room and common courtesy thwarts you penchant for watching loud things late at night, the portable device with the headphones comes in very handy.) It's an LG with an 8" Hi-res screen and a 5-hour battery. Very cool... very cool. Merry Christmas to me!

Okay, well, that's enough for this blog - that was a good warm up. I'll write another on another subject now.

See ya!

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