Monday, January 28, 2008

True Story

I heard this story on NPR today, as read by Peter Sagal on his show "Wait! Wait! Don't Tell Me!" - the NPR News Quiz.

George Bush’s favorite painting, which he has hung in the Oval Office, is called ‘A Charge To Keep’.

It’s a lovely oil painting of a cowboy, who – mind you – looks a little bit like George Bush, according to the President himself, and he’s riding over a ridge in an obvious hurry.

Mr. Bush tells people that the figure in the painting is a Methodist evangelist, who in history brought the good word to people out there in The West.

Well, Jacob Weisberg, author of a new book about President Bush, researched the history of that painting, and found out that that story is completely untrue.

The horseman in the painting is actually a horse thief running from a lynch mob.

True story.


Katie said...

I freaking LOVE that show...

Kevabe said...

“Koerner’s illustration was picked up again in 1918 by the magazine A Country Gentleman for the story, “A Charge to Keep.””
So if Bush got this story from a friend who gave him the painting who read the above story in the magazine A Country Gentleman how does this show anything negative about Bush.
—–W.H.D. Koerner’s
“A Charge to Keep”, 1915,
original is oil on canvas, 28 X 40″,
done as an Illustration in both a Saturday Evening Post Magazine in 1916 for the William J. Neidig Short Story, “The Slipper Tongue” and, later, for that magazine in George Patullo’s 1917 Short Story, “Ways That Are Dark”, and, later,
in the 1918 Short Story, of that name, by Ben Ames Williams, for Country Gentleman Magazine
What this shows is that a pack of liberal ferrets scurry around the internet with nothing to do but dig up stuff. However any reasonable person would accept the story a friend told you about a gift. And even if you doubted him and checked on the web you would find what I found. It had several titles, in fact a new one each year for four years 1915 thru 1918. A “Charge to Keep” appears to be the last title used.
This episode does not reflect poorly on Bush but upon the Bush hating ankle biting nanna nanna boo booers who still think “pull my finger” is highbrow humor.