Sunday, February 24, 2008


Ha ha! I was right! No Country For Old Men was the Best Picture at this year's Oscars.

Not to mention that it won Best Direction (Joel & Ethan Coen), Best Adapted Screenplay (also by the Coens from the book by Cormac McCarthy), and Best Supporting Actor in Javier Bardem.

The Best Actor award went, quite deservingly, to Daniel Day-Lewis for There Will Be Blood (which also won Best Cinematography). Basically, whenever this guy gets nominated, he wins. He just RARELY makes a movie, making his presence at the Oscars kind of an elusive thing, so everyone in the Academy gets all excited and he automatically wins. That, and he is amazing in all of his roles.

Best Supporting Actress went to a relatively unknown young woman, Marion Cotillard, for her performance in La Vie En Rose, a film I'd not heard about before the Oscars, but after seeing how many categories it was nominated for (and winning another for Achievement in Make-Up... sorry Norbit), I'm thinking I should check it out.

I was a bit upset by Tilda Swinton's win for Best Actress in Michael Clayton. It was a decent movie and I liked her role, but it certainly didn't seem exceptional. Now, Cate Blanchet as Bob Dylan? THAT'S exceptional! It would have been cool to see a woman win "Best Actress" for playing a man. And how about Saoirse Ronan from Atonement? That kid was astonishing! She was my favorite part of that movie! (That, and the Original Score which took home the Oscar in that category.) And Amy Ryan was pretty great, too, in Gone, Baby Gone. I just think Swinton beat out some REALLY stiff competition. Good for her, I guess.

Kudos to Brad Bird (and you, Josh!) for his Best Animated Feature win for Rattatouille, and to the first-timer Diablo Cody for her Best Original Screenplay award for Juno - reminiscent of Sophia Coppola's win for Lost In Translation in 2004, only without the "Foot-In-The-Door" Father advantage.

More hi-fives for The Bourne Ultimatum, which took home 3 Oscars (Sound Design, Sound Mixing and Editing), The Golden Compass (Visual Effects), Elizabeth: The Golden Age (Costume Design) and Sweeney Todd (Art Direction).

There were other Oscars given out to other films that I didn't see, so I won't bother to get into those. And the Oscars had some predictably boring parts, like the musical numbers, mostly from that lame little Disney flick "Enchanted", and about a million commercials. But I liked the montages, especially the "Tribute To Binoculars and Telescopes" and the "Tribute to Bad Dreams" - thank you, John Stewart.

Speaking of Stewart, he was hilarious. I hope he hosts a lot of the future Oscars. Some his his best lines of the night include:

"Usually when we see a black or female president, a meteor is about to strike the Statue of Liberty! 'How will we know it's the future?!?!'"

"It's great to see Norbit being represented at The Oscars - Too often, The Academy ignores movies that aren't good."

"There are already two pregnant women here, but the night is young and Jack (Nickolson) is here, so we'll re-tally at the end of the night."

And after putting on-screen the pictures of the pregnant actresses in attendance, "And the Baby goes to.... (opens a sealed envelope)... ANGELINA JOLEE! Of course, she can't be here tonight because it's impossible to find seventeen babysitters on Oscar night."

"The best part of that song was watching Hal Holbrook in the aisle doing the Cabbage-Patch. Helen Murin, you got served!"

So, in addition to La Vie En Rose, I will also have to be checking out The Diving Bell and The Butterfly, American Gangster, and The Assassination of Jesse James by The Coward Robert Ford.

Well, that about sums up the 80th Annual Academy Awards. I think it was a great year for movies and a pretty good awards show. Apologies to my cousin who is, no doubt, crying "Why!? WHY!?" into his pillow right now, but don't worry, Sean - at least she'll still be hosting SNL this week!

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aaron and samantha said...

No Country and the Coen bros got a well deserved Oscar.

And yes, like always, Jon Stewart was funny as hell!