Thursday, February 7, 2008


I got a speeding ticket on my way to work this morning. 38 in a 25. A School Zone, no less! I know, you don't have to tell me - I'm a terrible human being. But I was just cruising along minding my own business, successfully avoiding collision with any minors when I see a dark, shadowy figure in the road up ahead.

As it turns out, the "dark shadow" was really a leather biker jacket worn by one of Vista's Finest, and he was standing in the middle of the road pointing something at me, and then flagging me to pull over for speeding - a fact to which I was totally oblivious until the guy shoved the radar gun (which still had a digital "38" flashing on it) in my face to prove his point.

Now, I'm not a lawyer, but as much as I know that speeding is against the law, isn't there some kind of law about standing in the middle of the street? I mean, cops aren't supposed to be ABOVE the law, right? And I know I'm getting technical because I'm pissed that I got caught, but... really? I mean, tit-for-tat, just for argument's sake... isn't that jay-walking? Isn't THAT a ticket-able offense?

Again, I know I got caught, I'm happy to pay the fine and take the point on my record, and I'm glad the cops are cracking down on speeders like myself around the schools. I totally support that. Just asking a technical question here.

Deputy Schwartz, I definitely await your comments. And anyone else who has an opinon on this, please weigh in.


Schwartzilla said...

Suck it up cryass and quit looking for an out. You rolled the dice and lost, now pay the reaper, er... the piper.

Schwartzilla said...

And another thing, who's gonna write that cop a ticket for standing in the street? Mayor McCheese? That cop is doing his job, and sticking his butt in harms way in order to enforce the speed limit around the youngsters. If cops need to stand in the street (in a somewhat safe manner) to use radar and catch sucka MCs speeding in their GT3000s than so be it. I could preach about the inherent danger in our line of work but I would just sound like an asshole (which I am). So I'll leave it at this, I busted my knee again today fighting some jerk at the courthouse, nobody thanked me for putting myself between said jerk and the public, but I did what needed to be done. We do the dirty work while firemen kiss babies, get adoration from the public and score the hotter chicks at the bar after work. Schwartzilla has spoken.

RIP to the LAPD SWAT cop and two Kirkwood (St. Louis, MO) cops killed in the line of duty today.

Mike Wood said...

I knew you'd flip out. Re-read my post - I never said I was looking for an out - it was just a hypothetical thing. I have nothing against the cop himself, just wondered why he gets to break "the law" to enforce another. Not looking for anything different to happen. Pure curiosity.

And no, not Mayor McCheese! He has mayoral work to do - DELICIOUS mayoral work! But what about that hot-headed Chief who's always closing his office door to scream at the loose cannons?



Go sit you're ass in a bucket of cold water.

Schwartzilla said...

You forgot the cops partner who is always of a different race/ethnicity/exact opposite or on loan from Hong Kong.

"I'm getting to old for this shit..."


"You're a loose cannon, your badge doesn't give you a license to destroy the town!"


I need to go watch Hot Fuzz to find more buddy cop lines.

Mike Wood said...

"Your mouth's writing checks your body can't cash!"