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LOST 4.2 - Confirmed Dead



Here's a VERY watered-down recap.

After watching flash-back footage of a deep-sea rover discovering the wreckage of flight 815 at the bottom of the ocean, we met four new characters - Daniel Faraday, Miles Straume, Charlotte Lewis and Frank Lupidus.

These four have been sent to the island as a task force, lead by the now-deceased Naomi, and commissioned by the mysterious Matthew Abaddon (we can only assume at this point that that's his name).

What is their purpose here on the island?

In the end, it is revealed that they're looking for Ben Linus, which leads many viewers to hypothesize that they are here to do the bidding of the original Dharma Initiative, a group that hasn't inhabited the island since "The Purge" lead by Ben and a group of natives many years ago.

Here's some cool stuff about this episode.

1. While all of this island drama has been going down, the rest of the world was subject to the news that the wreckage of Oceanic flight 815 was discovered by the Christiane I in the Sunda Trench, which is located off of the coast of Bali. The reporter says "Oceanic Flight 815 did, in fact, crash at sea," but says the discovery does not offer any sense of closure. All of the passengers are "confirmed dead."

2. The Christian I is the salvage ship from the story in the Alternate-Reality Game at "", where Sam Thomas - a man whose fiancee, Sonya, was a flight attendant aboard 815 when it crashed - sneaks aboard the aforementioned ship which is searching for remains of the Black Rock, receives mysterious clues that lead him to a set of coordinates where the wreckage is found.

3. Daniel Faraday's character is named after Michael Faraday (September 22, 1791 – August 25, 1867), an English physicist who researched electromagnetism. Michael Faraday's discoveries led to the development of Faraday cages, an enclosure used to block outside radio and electromagnetic waves. James Clerk Maxwell (as in, the MAXWELL GROUP - see took the work of Faraday, and others, and consolidated it with a set of equations that form the basis of modern theories of electromagnetic phenomena. This triumph of 19th century physics led inevitably, in combination with the mathematics of Minkowski (as in the new as-of-yet-unseen but often-heard character "George Minkowski"), and others, to Einstein's formulation of the special theory of relativity.

4. Miles Straume is a spiritualist who seems able to speak to the dead and removes spirits from locations for a fee. It is believed by "Ghost Hunters" that spirits and other paranormal apparitions can be sensed by changes in electromagnetic fields. Miles brings a device with him when on the job which could be a small, portable electron-magnet.

5. Charlotte's full name is Charlotte Staples Lewis - a clear reference to Clive Staples Lewis (or C.S. Lewis), the author of The Chronicles of Narnia, among many other books.

6. In her flashback, Charlotte discovers the remains of a polar bear wearing a Dharma (Hydra) collar in the deserts of Tunisia. This seems to suggest space-time travel, which was alluded to in this post-season 3 Dharma film.

7. Locke reveals that a taller Walt has given him instructions. We've also seen, in past episodes, Jack's dead father Christian Sheppard appear to the Losties. Does this, coupled with the addition of a Ghost-hunter on the island, point to the possibility of Walt being dead?

8. Ben reveals that he has "a man" on the freighter who knows all about this expedition. There's much speculation about who it could be, but hopefully it's not someone new. Could it be forever-young Richard Alpert? Or perhaps even Michael?

Jin and Sun were mysteriously missing from this episode, as was Desmond.

10. Locke reveals that he's only alive after Ben's gunshout to his side because he's missing a kidney. The Island works in mysterious ways.

11. Frank Lupidus indicates that he lost control of the helicopter after it was struck by lightning. The name Lapidus may be a reference to the movie Sleeper, in which one character says "Then I would talk like Mr. Lapidus, who got hit by lightning." Sleeper is about a man who wakes up after being frozen in liquid nitrogen for 200 years. "Lapidus," literally translated from Hebrew, means "candles," or "torches."

12. The Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 Hotline Number 1-888-548-0034 is seen on Frank's television. Calling this number results in an automated message, not a human operator as seen on the show.

13. The tail number on the helicopter that lands on the island is N842M. 8 & 42!

14. A poster for the fictional band 'Dirt Spigot' can be seen in the room Miles works in. In the episode Fire + Water, the director of the Butties Diapers commercial says that he actually wanted Dirt Spigot for the ad instead of Driveshaft.

15. Daniel Faraday says that the light on the island doesn't seem to disperse quite right, pointing to the effects of electromagnetic activity on light rays.

As action-packed and revealing as this episode was, it also raised many questios, such as:

About the Wreckage

* Is the plane really a fake?
* Whose body was found in the Sunda Trench and identified as Seth Norris?
* Where did the wreckage in the ocean come from?
* Why was the wreckage near Bali, which is far away from Sydney, LA, or Fiji?

About Ben

* Why are they searching for Ben?
* Who is Ben's "man on their boat"?
* Why did Ben announce he had a man on the boat in front of Charlotte Lewis?

About the Freighties

* Who is bankrolling the mission?
* When did the meeting between Matthew and Naomi take place?
* How were Daniel, Miles, Charlotte, Frank and Naomi selected for the operation?
* Why did the Freighter team bring gas masks?
* Why couldn't Minkowski come to the phone?
* Why did Daniel, Miles, Charlotte, Frank, and Naomi know anything about 815 survivors?
* If the freighter team was looking for Ben Linus, why did Naomi say she was looking for Desmond?


* Why was Daniel so upset when he learned flight 815 had been found?
* Why does Naomi refer to Daniel as a "head case"?
* Who is the woman in Daniel's flashback and why was her identity withheld?


* What was the machine Miles was using in the bedroom?
* If the machine is necessary for him to communicate with the dead, why didn't he need it on the island to communicate with Naomi?
* Does he truly have the ability to communicate with deceased persons or is he a con artist?
* What are the objectives of having a medium on the team?
* In his flashback, how did Miles know to look for "it"?
* As each of the other flashbacks show a connection to the island, do Mrs. Gardener or her son have a connection as well?


* Why was Charlotte wearing a bullet-proof vest?
* Why is Charlotte disbelieving of the recovery of flight 815?
* Why was she looking for, and not surprised by, the fossilized polar bear with the DHARMA tag?
* Who sent her to Tunisia?
* Why did she seem to know exactly where the DHARMA collar was buried?


* How did the polar bear get to Tunisia?
* When was the wreckage found in the Sunda Trench?
* Why was Frank Lapidus replaced as pilot of flight 815?
* Who is Abbadon working for?
* Why did Naomi think there would be survivors of flight 815 on the Island?
o Why does Abbadon insist that there aren't?
* Why doesn't sunlight scatter on the island as Daniel says it should?
* Given the reaction that the helicopter people gave Juliet, how will they react to Desmond?
* Why did Naomi have a picture of Desmond if they were looking for Ben?

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