Sunday, February 17, 2008

LOST - Deleted Scene

Ok, so no recaps anymore, cause no one seems to care. But this should be more interesting.

In my research of this new and awesome episode - "The Economist" - I've discovered that there was one deleted scene to which someone out there had access, and leaked only after the episode had aired. I'm going to post his transcription of the scene here:

The Fence Scene
From "The Economist"

Miles, Kate, and Sayid arrive at the perimeter fence on their way to the barracks.

What is this?

A Security fence. When activated, the pylons
emit a high pitch frequency that will kill anyone
who passes through it. We used a tree to climb...

MILES raises his hand towards Sayid. He seems to hear something.


SAYID stops and watches MILES as he scans the surroundings, listening intently.

SAYID (Sarcastic)
I'm sorry, are we supposed to be
hearing something?

A beat passes and MILES is suddenly aware that SAYID had spoken to him.

I'm sorry, what?

KATE is examining the control panel.

Maybe I can shut it off.

SAYID joins her, bending over to examine the panel.

And, how might you do that?

I saw Juliet do it once.

SAYID (Doubtful)
Without the code?

ANGLE ON MILES. He continues to scan with a slight twitch, similar to when we saw him reading the boys room in Confirmed Dead. Suddenly he walks through the pylons and turns towards an astonished KATE and SAYID.

Hey, I don't think its on.

And how did you know that?

Lucky guess.

MILES turns and walks away. SAYID and KATE exchange puzzled glances and proceed after him.

Boo ya!



Breukellen said...

Best guess off the top of my head...Miles must have been listening to someone who was buried there who knew the fence was deactivated before they died?

Mike Wood said...

Yes, of course. But whoooo?