Friday, February 1, 2008

LOST - Season 4, Episode 1

Last night, the premiere of LOST's fourth season aired and although everyone was pleased, we were all left wanting a helluva lot more!

We were treated to the second Flash Forward - a very new story device in the series that leaves us not only wondering about the details of the past, but now the future, too. We now know that (along with Jack and Kate) Hurley returns to the mainland, where he gets arrested and tossed back in the nut-house after visions of the deceased Charlie haunt him. While there, a mysterious man calling himself Matthew Abbadon and claiming to be an attorney for Oceanic Airlines, offers Hurley a better accommodations than the hospital he's in now, but when Hurley asks for identification, the man can't provide any and pushes to ask, "Are they still alive?" Hurley freaks and the man exits quickly. Later, Hurley has anouther encounter with Charlie, who says, "I am dead, but I'm also here," and slaps Hurley to prove that he's real. Whether Charlie is only in his head or not, Hurley is impressed upon that "They need you."

Spliced in with these scenes is the "present" island drama, which continued as the Losties prepared to meet with the offshore freighter. Everyone is saddened by the news of Charlie's ultimate fate - especially Hurley and Claire. Hurley eventually gets separated from the group and wanders upon Jacob's house. Inside he sees Christian Sheppard sitting in the rocking chair, and then someone jumps up into view (only an eye, really) which sends Hurley running and screaming. Locke finds him laying on his back in the jungle and helps him reunite with the group.

Once there, the Jack tries to tell everyone how they're going to find the freighter people, but some believe that the new visitors spell certain doom. They split into two groups just before Jack and Kate meet a stranger who parachutes onto the island in a similar fashion as the late and mysterious Naomi.

A cool episode, for sure, but as I said it left us with more questions than answers.

For example:
* What has happened to Hurley's money?
* Why did Naomi cover for the survivors?
* Who is Naomi's sister?
* Who are the other three people in the "Oceanic Six"?
* Why does Hurley deny that he knows Ana Lucia?
* What is Christian Shepard doing in Jacob's cabin?
* What was the meaning of Hurley's vision of Charlie?
* Who needs Hurley's help, according to Charlie?
**What is the "something" Charlie wants Hurley to do?
* How can one of the other patients in the mental hospital see Charlie?
* What did Jack mean when he asked Hurley if he was "going to tell"?
**What are they hiding, and why?
* Why didn't Desmond go with "Locke's Team"?
* Why does Hurley later regret having gone with Locke?
* If Hurley went with Locke, how does he end up home with Jack?
* Has Locke's bullet wound healed?
* Who is Matthew Abbadon?
**Who is the "they" he asks Hurley about and are "they" alive?
**What are Matthew Abbadon's motives behind his offer to move Hugo to a different institute?
* Where is Leonard Simms?

If you have any opinions as to the answers of these questions, post them here!

See ya next week!

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Katie said...

I am liking it...I am putting together a new set of questions...because I have a bet with myself that they won't answer all the questions by the time this little adventure is over...