Monday, February 25, 2008

Stupid Democrats

Dear Democratic Presidential Hopefuls,
(Not you, Gravel)

Hilary Clinton's camp posted this picture today of Barak Obama (from his trip to Kenya - his father's homeland - 2 years ago) on the Drudge Report website. In the photo, he is seen wearing traditional African garb. And now, Obama's camp has slamed Clinton, calling this move "the most shameful, offensive fear-mongering".


Hillary, why post the photo at all?

Barak, what's the big freakin' deal? How is this "fear-mongering"?

BOTH OF YOU: stop listening to your goddamned ADVISORS and act for yourselves!

This photo is not racist nor offensive in any way to anyone but the most bigoted, hateful and moronic people in the country, and for either camp to insinuate that it somehow is... it's just ridiculous and CHILDISH! It's INSULTING to ME - a democrat whom you are supposed to be representing! To insinuate that I, or anyone remotely like me, would have our votes swayed by this photo... as thought it MEANS something... means ANYTHING! How dare you both?!?!

I'm HALF YOUR AGE and even I think this is just the most basic, juvenile and immature attitude an adult can have. If you really think this is going to sway votes, you should consider that your reactions to such lunacy is indeed the bigger problem.

One of you is, most likely, about to be PRESIDENT! START ACTING LIKE ONE!



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