Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Currently in Pre-pre-PRE Production

Directed by Michael Wood
Executive Producer Katie McCarthy
Story by Brad Lytle

by Brad Lytle

So the movie is about a bad-ass cop (Mac Strong), who stops at nothing to catch criminals, which sometimes includes breaking major traffic laws and causing damage.  Unfortunately for Mac, that often happens when pursuing very minor criminals like shoplifters and jaywalkers. So the chief of police decides to give him a creative punishment.

Under the logic that the best way to master something is to teach it, he makes Mac teach the 8-week city traffic school. It might also help Mac get some people skills. The traffic school has a mix of teenagers (think goth, jock, nerd), some foreigners, and some people who are trying to regain their license (like a felon, a trucker, a biker, perhaps a smarmy business man). Finally, the class includes Mac's daughter, whom Mac hardly knows.

Through the course of the movie, Mac teaches his students about prudent driving, though each student is weak in some domain (e.g., the nerd sucks at parrell parking, the biker can't help his lead foot), and he learns to relate to his students and finally with his daughter (hilarity ensues).

The the movie climaxes when it turns out one of the students (not the business man who always seemed like a bad guy, but rather it turns out the Jock was only pretending to be a Jock) got himself into the class to gain access to the building behind the school - a vault. Mac discovers the dastardly plan but attributes it to the businessman. So the bad guy is able to escape and take Mac's daughter hostage in some hot little sports car. Mac and the class pursue while obeying all the laws (the nerd who never quite mastered parallel parking must do so to make a road block, and had the biker sped like he usually did he would have been out of sight of the bad guy going along the highway).

Needless to say the movie ends when Mac rescues his daughter and she apologizes for whatever and they hug.

PENDING CAST (According to Brad):

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (Mac)
Jessica Simpson (Daughter)
Zooey Dashenel (Goth Chick)
Jason Long (nerd)
Luke Wilson (businessman)

Minka Kelly (Daughter)
Jensen Ackles (Jock/Villain)
Victor Garber (Businessman)


Brad said...

Brilliant! Thanks for editing the thing. When do we start pitching this around?

Reuven said...

If that is the brad that wrote that movie, can i please have your autograph?

Brad said...

Anytime Reu-diggigy, give me you're address and I'll send you a picture and an autographs. You may request a message, though I reserve the right to reject lewd or otherwise inappropriate messages

Mike said...

Hello!?!?! I'm the DIRECTOR here!

Brad said...

OK fine, because you're the director, I wont reject your lewd messages

Katie said...

I am so bummed that I'm left out of the cast...I'm at least a co-creator of the brainchild that was the loose story that inspired this brain-child...see what happens when you go all Hollywood...good luck finding out my NEW awesome idea...that ones going straight to Christopher Guest.