Thursday, March 20, 2008

Another UK attack on the US!

That's right! It's another anti-American viral video from the U.K.!

This video is much more cryptic, but the message is there! Watch this!

See? Notice how the U.S. (Charlie) is on the left of England in the frame, as it would be in a map, but due the magic of perspective, this is a very revealing notion that illustrated how the U.K. thinks they are much "bigger" than the U.S. Perhaps not geographically larger, but... definitely in some way!

30 seconds into this subliminal film, a message is overtly displayed reading "a lot of eating later..." and then a lapse of time via a cross-dissolve occurs.  I take this to mean that our story begins after years of civility "at the table" (perhaps in the United Nations). This could also be an allusion to only a few minutes of real time - I'm not sure.

Now, notice that while England neatly and politely nibbles at his crumpets, "Charlie" blissfully shoves food into his gaping cake-hole: quite obviously an accusation of gluttony and greed fueled by the youthful ignorance inherent in America as a country.

"Look at Charlie's plate!" the U.K. now shouts, boastfully.  "It's all messy!  Now Charlie's hands are all messy, but... my plate isn't."  Really, England?  Are you truly stooping to THAT level?  Are we children?

Now America cries out in a moment of panic for a mother who never comes. Indeed, this is an allusion to a depression, perhaps the Great one from the 1930's, during which our great ally, England, sat idly by and ignored our woes.  Perhaps this is a warning that, should we be in such distress again anytime soon, they shan't act as their brother's keeper.

I'm not quite sure how to interpret the prophetic message at the end of this video, but England seems to be going into some sort of convulsive state - perhaps a war - while America shouts from afar but seems helpless to lend a hand.  Could this be a comment on the U.K.'s lack of faith in us as an ally?  Could they be suggesting that we are of no use or help and bring nothing to "the table"?

I don't know how long this mud-slinging campaign from this undisclosed group is going to last, but please don't allow your consciouses to be subverted into believing this rubbish. These are sneaky little videos, but while I'm on the job, they won't go unnoticed!  I'll see to that! It's lies and slander under the order of King George, but don't tread on me, brother!

God Bless America - the land that I love.


Vanilla Ice said...

Zut Alon!! Fantastic...honestly. While I do think that you spend entirely too much time online finding things like this, you've hit the nail on the head with these last 2 posts. THIS is what your blog should always look like. Great stuff...Zot Alon!!! (You'll get that part when you see the Amy Adams SNL at my house soon).

Katie said...

Dude...the final multidirectional but meaningless spasm is obviously a shot at our "supposed" moon landing...this propeganda can't be allowed to continue.