Monday, March 24, 2008


You've all at least seen or even played Rock Band and Guitar Hero - two of the best-selling titles in video game history! And we've all heard of the big guitar brands, like Fender and Gibson. Well, it seems that the latter - Gibson - is run by a bunch of idiots.

First came their decision, years ago, to pull all of their guitars from the shelves of the world's biggest guitar shop - Guitar Center. One day, they were all just gone! Now, all those kids with nothing to do, money to burn and an interest in rock music who happen to wander into Guitar Center stores will have no ability to fall in love with the amazing and beautiful Les Paul guitar. (All the better, since they're pretty expensive as it is - way to price yourself out of the market, Gibson!)

And now, some bonehead in charge of legalities and/or marketing has decided that it's a good idea to start a lawsuit war with Harmonix, the makers of the aforementioned ridiculously popular video games. Gibson claims their 1999 patent on a concept for a game similar to Rock Band and Guitar Hero entitle them to loads of cash from the game makers, even though Gibson themselves:
a) are not a video game company,
b) know nothing about making video games,
c) never actually made a prototype for their game concept, and
d) are claiming infringement on a similar but not identical idea.

Great idea, Gibson! Take the greatest catalyst for creating new musicians since Eddie Van Halen hit the spot back in '78 and SUE them, demanding that they stop selling the
games, and then take your hardware out of the most accessible spot for young musicians. Brilliant!

I'm no business expert, but I have GOT to believe this is going to ultimately LOSE them money, no matter what the outcome (which I can nearly guarantee will NOT be in their favor).

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