Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How 'bout that new Fox Sitcom?

Okay, now this is gonna be a pretty predictable review, but I had fun writing it.

I was perusing iTunes this evening when I noticed that Fox has posted a free episode of their new "hit" comedy UnHitched.

I happened to have watched this show on Sunday night - only because I had been watching The Simpsons and then couldn't find my remote. What's a guy to do?

And I decided I should post my thoughts about the show in the comments section. Here's the review I wrote:

(After giving it a one star rating...)

Do I have to give it a whole star?

(COMMENCING BILE SPEWAGE, in 3.... 2.... 1....)

I watched this show last night on Fox. It was probably - and I say this without hyperbole - the WORST television show I have ever seen. Fox is known for taking pretty risky ventures, every year or so, that never pay off... (remember that God-awful "The War At Home"? And is "Til Death" still on?)... but I don't even see how this is a gamble: It is a GARUNTEED FLOP! Way to jump off that sinking ship "The Office", Rashida Jones! No one liked THAT show!

And how about the terribly cliché "East Indian friend"?!?! Way to mix it up with some race, Fox! His "accent" was an insult to bad Indian accent-impersonations everywhere. Apu Nahasapeemapetilon has a shotgun in his mouth after watching this show.

Wow. So bad.

"UnHitched" = UnFunny & UnGood! (Did you like that one, Fox? Because it was a lot better than anything YOUR writers came up with. I'm available for hire.)

The End


Reuven said...

I regretfully watched that, and I wholeheartedly agree with you. Utter pukefest.

Nick Mahar said...

Hey Mike were you saying you didn't like the show "The Office"?

Mike Wood said...

No, Nick. That was sarcasm. I was making fun of Rashida Jones for leaving The Office for this piece of crap. The Office is awesome. Thanks for reading, though.