Friday, April 18, 2008

3 New Singles

Mötley Crüe - Saints Of Los Angeles

As though they never left...
Since their inception over 25 years ago, Mötley Crüe has continuously had trials and tribulations, ups and downs, success and failure - but like a cheesy movie, they've never given up and this new single, from the upcoming new album, The Dirt (based on the book, based on the movie) demonstrates their mastery of the "hair metal" genre and reminds us why they are the kings of their game.

Much like the two new tracks penned in 2005 for their Red, White & Crüe greatest hits compilation, Saints of Los Angeles finds the boys rocking their hardest, with more credibility and authority - as though finally realizing their true identity once and for all - than anything they've done in a decade or more.

It's a cheap little 99 cents well-spent. Check it out at iTunes.

Madonna - 4 Minutes (feat. Justin Timberlake)

Ya know what? The ol' gray mare... she's still got it.

Of course, she needs to employ the talents of the youngest offspring of her very own labors (well, not Lordess). First that MTV stunt (and a few tracks) with Britney, and this time with the fallen Princess' ex-boyfriend, and arguably the best young performer out there (not to mention one of the greatest Saturday Night Live hosts EVER) - Justin Timberlake.

The narrative of this song? They've only got FOUR MINUTES to save the world! And what to do with those four minutes? (Say it with sass - ) DANCE!

Stupid? Maybe. Pointless? Perhaps. But maybe... just maybe... it's deeper and more poetic than we know. Hell, Price once sang about a prophecy of a millennium armageddon and all he wanted to do at that point was party. Maybe that's all there is to do at the last moments of existence.

Anyway, it's a groovy, fun tune. I think it was worth my 99 cents..... aaaat iTunes.

Crown City Rockers - I Love Being A B-Boy (B-Boy Remix) (Feat. Chali 2na, Planet Asia, Zion I, The Grouch, and Mystic)

Okay, so this isn't a world-wide hit, but for my money, it's a sample of some of the best Hip-Hop out there today.

My cousin's boyfriend, Max, is the drummer in Crown City Rockers (and that's half the reason I dig them so much - they actually play INSTRUMENTS), so that's how I found out about them.

I'm not just saying this because I'm casually aquainted with one of the members - this is some exceptional music! Crown City's jazz-fused hip-hop is fresh, stylized and always GOOD. That's not an easy statement for me to make, but these guys deserve it!

This is a remix of the original track from their 2004 album Earthtones, but this feels superior to the original because of it's star-studded cameos. Have a listen to the Remix and buy the album, Earthtones.

Also, check them out at their website and on MySpace.

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