Monday, April 7, 2008

W. - The Movie!

Oliver Stone is slated to direct and produce the bio-pic of President George W. Bush's life and times in the Oval Office.  I always thought this would make a great comedy (and someday I may make it myself), but Oliver went a different direction with it.  Different strokes, I guess.

Anyhoo, he's chosen an interesting cast list so far.  Check this out.

G-Dub will be played by
Josh Brolin

Pres. (GHWB) will be played by:
James Cromwell

Babs will be portrayed by 
Ellen Burstyn

And listed to play Laura Bush...Elizabeth Banks (they're gonna have to age this girl - she's actually 33)

Those are the only four names that have been officially selected so far.  I think this film is being terribly miscast.  Here's what Casting Director Michael Wood will have to do for HIS version of this film:

Will Farrell and Dana Carvey will play The Father & Son President team

Laura Bush will be played by
Ana Gasteyer

and Barbara Bush will be played somehow by
(The Late) Phil Hartman

(Don't you worry about 'how' - I'll worry about 'how'!)

That's right! An ALL-SNL alumni cast!  And why not?  Who else has been studying the mannerisms of these political figureheads closer AND has top-notch acting and improv training?  And it's about time there was a really CLASSIC SNL cast film again!  The last best thing was Wayne's World!  TOO LONG!

I'd round out the cast with the rest of the usual suspects, like...

Maya Rudolph as:
Condoleeza Rice

Kristen Wiig as:
Sen. Nancy Pelosi

Amy Pohler as:
Sen. Hillary Clinton

Fred Armisen as:
Sen. Barack Obama

and featuring Darryl Hammond as....
Dick Cheney,
Donald Rumsfeld,
Al Gore,
Chris Matthews,
Bill Clinton,
Donald Trump
(for some reason which I'll come up with later)
Sean Connery

Think about it!  It's perfect!  It'll be the first time past and current SNL stars could all be in a huge comedy together!  And you KNOW this would be a HUGE comedy!  Hell, I'd even toss in Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen as the Bush girls because, A) They've hosted SNL before and B) to keep their boney asses off the streets.  And maybe Kenan Thompson can be Colin Powell - I mean, we kinda need a black dude, and Tim Meadows and Finesse Mitchell... I dunno.  Let's just not over-think this.  Kenan it is.

What do you think?  Leave a comment with your dream cast for "W." so all the world can imagine along with us!

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Katie said...

I went with old sit-coms...
Alan Hale Jr. & Bob Denver (Gilligan and the Skipper) as the two Georges.
Marion Ross (Mrs. Cunningham/Happy Days) as Barbara Bush
Patty Duke as Laura Bush
Carroll O'Conner AS Archie Bunker AS Dick Chenney
Marla Gibbs (Florence/The Jeffersons) as Condie Rice
and just for (more) comic relief...a special appearance of Don Knotts as Ross Perot