Saturday, May 3, 2008

I need YOUR help!

I'm planning on writing a really interesting blog essay about the "death/resurrection" theme in modern cinema. You'll enjoy my thoughts on the subject very much, thank you. But first, I need you to come up with some movies where you've noticed this trend, yourself, so you can tell me about them, and I can in turn write about them.

TOP PRIZE: You get CREDIT in my blog for the film that you come up with IF I decide to use it as an example in my blog.
*RUNNER UP: A set of steak knives.

Now, I already have plans for writing about these themes in several movies, so don't write to me with the following films:
The Matrix (Trilogy?)
Star Wars (Saga)
Fight Club
Kung Fu Hustle
Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade

These films are just the top few that came into my head as I was thinking about this topic, but I'm sure there are many more.

Make your submissions below or email me at
(If you IM me about it, I may forget your idea)


*There is no "Runner Up"


Schwartzilla said...

Shit. I want steak knives. Make me the runner up. What am I supposed to do? Whatever it is, it can wait until after I finish this bottle of Knob Creek bourbon. And yes, all cops are alcoholic bloggers.

Schwartzilla said...

Did anyone die and reserect in Goonies or Red Dawn? If no, you should still mention those movies they are CLASSIC!

Oh yeah, Aslan the Lion, comes back in The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe ala Jesus.

Pretty sure Donnie Darko does some Jesus shit.

The fucking wizard in Lord of the Rings. Yeah Gandalf! He came back to fight the good fight for short peoples rights.

I'm almost positive someone came back in Sin City and Planet Terror.

And pretty much any zombie movie worth a damn has things coming back to life.

Hope that helps. Send the knives to

Triafia Inc.
610 Norris Canyon
San Ramon

Brad said...

Not sure how much you could weave these into your argument, but these movies jumped into my mind of having people who dies or were thought to have died and come back:
Lucky #Slevin
Princess Bride
Batman Begins (at first I was going to list this as a joke, but really the dude comes back to save the people that his father saved before him is he batman or JC man?)

and I agree with Schwartzilla on SinCity - one could argue that Bruce Willis's character in SinCity went to hell or purgatory then came back to save the girl again.

Mike Wood said...

I have to nominate Iron Man, after just having seen it. Use that one, Mike!

Katie said...

Groundhogs Day - he just has to resurrect a few more times than JC to get it right.

Seriously though...90% of movies I can think of have these elements- its the classic build up, climax, and resolution of stories period.

Mike said...

How about Robocop? A little different in that the hero "dies" at the end of the first act.

Mike Wood said...

Same with Iron Man - but that exactly it. Now you're catching on!

Mike Wood said...

In fact, folks, think of it as more of a radical transformation than an ACTUAL death (although it may be disguised as such, as well). So even if characters like Iron Man or Robocop don't totally die, some part of their psyche did, causing a radical shift of consciousness or metamorphosis which made them stronger than ever.

Mike Wood said...

and P.S. - forget Jesus. It's not like his is the first death and resurrection in ancient mythology or religion. Just the most famous one in our modern western world. (And, sorry Schwartz, but zombies don't count, as they are basically still dead.)

Damien Baumgart said...

Superman Returns.

He "dies" twice in that film. Well, he starts out (practically) dead with no one knowing where he's nicked off to and then "dies" again (after performing the JC "I've been strung up by my handsies and footsies" pose before plummetting back to earth with the grace of a falling dumpster). And then he comes back to life to find...


Hell... how did I remember all that bible stuff? I'm not even religious!