Monday, July 21, 2008

The Trailers!

When I went to see the new Batman flick on Friday, I saw a few cool trailers - and I thought I'd discuss them briefly here.

  • We'd already seen the preview for Disney's upcoming cookie-cutter cartoon, BOLT back when WALL*E came out last month. This one is going to be hyped-up like crazy and won't be that great of a story - that's where my money's at! But it will be in 3D, which is always getting better these days, so... it may be worth a matinĂ©e.
  • Then, we had a real surprise! TERMINATOR: SALVATION! (Due out next year.) The crowd (including myself) went nuts when these words appeared on the screen. This will be the first Terminator film without Arnold, and I'm all for it! This is the only decent way to go with the story - follow John Conner as he rises up against the machines. I hope it will tie in a bit with the young television series, "The Sarah Conner Chronicles". It looks visually gritty and dirty - nothing like the crisp and clear 1991 "Judgment Day", when civilization still had a chance. This is post-apocalypse, people! Get ready! Our caped-crusader, Christian Bale, will take over as the new John Conner for this chapter. Bryce Dallas Howard (daughter of filmmaker Ron Howard, and accomplished actress in her own right) will portray John's wife, Kate (formerly played by Claire Danes) and John's father-to-be, Kyle Reese will be played by Anton Yelchin (who was terrible as the lead character in Charlie Bartlett (2007), but seems to be getting great roles in the near future). Directed by McG, music-video-director-turned-Charlie's Angels-shmuck takes a crack at directing this one - let's hope this film is his salvation, as well. This should be quite a ride.
  • There was also a very uninformative introductory trailer to the new Cohen Brothers film, BURN AFTER READING. There's a stellar Cohen cast here, and Brad Pitt joins in for the first time in one of their films. Looks good.
  • THE WATCHMEN... meh.

  • And finally, Julianne Moore, Mark Riffalo and Danny Glover star in the adaptation of Jose Saramago's novel, BLINDNESS. This one looks pretty intense. The use of a lot of over-exposure in the film after a point in the story when an epidemic of blindness sweeps over the country has already got me squirming in my seat. Scary stuff!
That's all! See ya!


Schwartzilla said...

Wait wait wait. Lets get some things straight here. You're telling me that Bolt and Terminator Salvation are going to be better than Watchmen? You must be smoking some Tijuana Brown down there in San Diego.

Watchmen > Bolt, Terminator Salvation and Blindness.

Zack Snyder > Disney and McG (terrible director).

I don't say anything about the new Coen Bros flick because after their last brilliant adaptation I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. However, if McG is directing the next Terminator flick you might as well call it Terminator: Hot Steaming Bowl Of Dookie Made For Spoon Fed 13 Year Olds Who Watch MTV All Day. That man is terrible and deserves to be found shot dead in a ditch. If McG can prove me wrong, (and only then it will be thanks to Bale and rest of cast, etc.) then I will stand corrected and apologize on this blog. If not, I will declare this blog property of Schwartzilla and turn it into a porn site.

ody3 said...

WOW - I could not agree more with SCHWATRZILLA

good review of the Dark Knight, but still Harry's review on is the best for my money.


I didn't get the Coen bros. preview and im kind of upset.

PLEASE check out the great Dark Knight drawings on my blog -, Bruce is awesome

Brad said...

I agree, SCHWATRZILLA is right, however I propose the following --> watchmen = incredible comic book series which certainly still have relevance considering the actions of the current administration.

but Terminator looks cool too

Katie said...

The worst thing about going blind would be not being able to see Mark Whatever-his-name-is-who-cares-hes-hot.

Reuven said...

Rufallo, Katie... Rufallo.

Brad, I haven't read the watchmen series, have you? I bet that movie ends up doing REALLY well. I may actually go out and read the novels

Mike Wood said...

Reuven, Katie knows his name - she's using that comment for effect. She's poetic like that.

And I don't think Watchmen will do THAT well... in fact, so far it just looks like some "artsy" version of The Fantastic Four to me, and I think a lot of folks won't "get it" enough to go see it. And if it's anything like 300, I'll actually be disappointed. Just leave 300 as the only movie with that awesome visual style - don't just use it in every movie you make and bleed it dry of all it's unique and original qualities by overuse, ya know? That's why I think it will kinda suck.

Brad said...

Well, I think you will kinda suck! How do you like that medicine!

And Reuven, I don't read comics - I am, in a word, too cool.

Oh and until I read Mike's comment, I figured Rufallo was some kind of internet jargon

Mike Wood said...

"Too cool" is more than "a word", Brad.

And "RUFALLO" is Internet jargon: it means, "Rolling Upon Floor And Laughing Like Ostriches"... duh!