Sunday, July 27, 2008

YouTube Video of the Day


Schwartzilla said...

Dear Mike's Brain Leak,

I am requesting that I be refunded approximately 1 minute and 20 seconds of my life back. I sat through that entire video waiting for something funny to happen only to be disappointed. The video clip was a good example of why children with learning disabilities should not be allowed access to video editing software and Youtube.


Your Moms House, CA

Mike Wood said...

This was a test, Schwartzilla. And you failed. There is simply NOTHING in this world that you cannot criticize or hate on.

I personally laughed uncontrollably for about 23 minutes.

e said...


Anonymous said...

I would personally like to point out that Schwartzilla could not in fact be living at your mom's house because I have been there countless times and have never come in contact with Schwartzilla. I too laughed uncontrollably at this video for about 23 minutes then clicked here to leave a comment and laughed some more at the request to be refunded life back, because I agree with the both of you. Stop toying with my emotions Michael Wood. Your dad and I were just talking about your Batman review when I was there Saturday. "favorite cousin" Ali xoxo