Tuesday, August 26, 2008



That's right! This is the ONE-HUNDREDTH post at Mike's Brain Leak! And, while I blow out some candles and gorge myself on ice-cream cake (that's the best kind of cake - we all know that, right?), I'll be handing out some gifts of my own... sort of.

Well, you could say I'll be giving gifts to my readers... in a way.

Today, I want to introduce you all to my top four Blog readers and contributors. (If you're not on the list, you're not making your presence known, so get on it! 200 is just around the corner.)

So, without further ado, I'd like you all to meet:

Alameda County Sheriff's Deputy

Mike's great. He's the guy who's always been there for me, through thick and thin.

If you can't figure out what name he comments under, then you're just not that bright. Sorry.

Deputy Schwartz and I go back about 7 or 8 years now. We met in Junior College when we had a class together at the Diablo Valley College extension in San Ramon. His buddy was making fun of my car and then we realized we were both friends of this cool guy named Ryan Tarkowski (who can now be heard on Las Vegas late-night traffic update radio as "Ryan Smart" - but it's okay, he doesn't read this, so he'll never know I ratted him out). After that, we both discovered each other's independent fondness for Joe Satriani's music and we were off and running.

One time, I took Mike to a New Year's Eve party at a friends' house. He went and hung out with some guy he knew in the garage and they sat and talked and drank some heavy booze for hours and hours. When Mike stood up... he fell down. At some point he also puked in the wet bar. He came back when he was sober and cleaned it all up like a good man.

Mike is a bad-ass with a bloodlust for heavy metal and heavy fire-arms. He's a bit right-wing for my taste, and we don't really agree on anything except that certain music is rad and certain movies are awesome. Oh - and that cartoons are generally a very good thing.

As for the fire-arms, just know that when the zombies rise and attack, Mike's house is where the party will be at.

Everyone be sure to check out Mike's blog HERE.

Thanks for all the contributions, Mike! Rock on!

Ultra-Mega World Tennis Champion

Erin's great. She's the gal who's always been there for me, through thick and thin.

Erin doesn't blog, but she should. She may be posting some guest-blogs here on Mike's Brain Leak soon... unless she's just all talk.

Erin and I met in Film School at San Francisco State University. We had a few classes together, like a screenwriting class, a Hitchcock class and a Film Production class. But it wasn't until I ran into her after graduation at a Barnes & Noble in Dublin that our friendship really took off.

Since then, we've become pretty close. We've been there for each other through each of our hardest break-ups and have always remained in constant contact. Well, almost constant - lately she can't seem to pick up a damned phone. But she means well.

One time, Erin was applying for a job at some TV show thing that was gonna be shooting in Las Vegas (that's right - yet another Vegas mention), and she needed a video to introduce her to the hiring authorities; something that would prove that she was worthy of hosting some wacky reality show. So, of course, she turned to me - the closest, cheapest version of Cecil B. DeMille she could find. The final product of that project (which could not have been made without the help of the wonderful but rare-blog-contributor, Brad Lytle), can be seen HERE.

Erin likes playing tennis, stringing tennis rackets for hours at a time, fruit water and bands that have the word "Bad" in their name (like Bad Astronaut, Bad Religion, Bad Company). She also enjoys watching terrible movies (like Halle Berry's Catwoman) with her very dear, sweet mother.

Erin is awesome. Go visit her at work at the Diablo Tennis Club and say hi sometime.

The First Jewish-Canadian-American President

Reuven's great. He's the guy who's always been there for me, through thick and thin.

Reuven and I met somewhere between Jr. High School and High School and we've been hanging out ever since. We even lived together for about 2 years until we decided the break up the band. Since then, he's done several solo projects under the name "Papatang".

Often, Reuven "The Reuven" Kishon will disappear for days at a time, telling his friends that he's going up to L.A. to visit college buddies or family. But investigators have reason to believe that he packs his duffle-bag not with changes of clothes, but with changes of ammo, and multiple weapons with which he executes his assassinations for unknown clients. The firearms are suspected to be backups however, as most hits are suspected to be executed with a single "maple-leaf-shaped" throwing-star to the forehead of his victims.

Reuven enjoys reading Star Wars novels, disc golfing, Japanese home decor, playing Beethoven on the xylophone, and reading Mike's Brain Leak every day. Spicy foods (usually salsa) give him hiccups. He also gets sick of explaining the "V" in his name, so when he puts in his name at a crowded restaurant he either uses the name "Reuben" or pokes the server in the eye-balls "3 Stooges style" - BAM!

.... or both.

Reuven is a recovering Techno/Trance/Rave junkie, and in more ways than one, he is learning that going "cold turkey" isn't as delicious as it sounds. He also became a full-fledged American citizen about a year and a half ago. He is now learning the patriotic art of dodging Jury Duty... but he's not very good at it so far. And finally, Reuven has contributed $400,000 to Barack Obama's presidential campaign. Keep an eye out in the new Presidential Cabinet for Reuven Kishon: Secretary of "Keepin' It Real".

Keep on truckin', Reuv-dog. And thanks for contributing to Mike's Brain Leak!

and finally...

Cousin of Michael "Brain Leak" Wood

Katie's great. She's the gal who's always been there for me, through thick and thin.

Although a bit older than her favorite blogger in the whole wide world - her cousin, Michael Wood - Katherine McCarthy loves and adores him as an idol. She's always asking his advice and cherishing his every word as though it were coming out of the mouth of God Himself.

I first met Katie a long, long time ago. It was probably in a hospital when I was born or something. We gradually got to know each other over many visitations or family get-togethers at Grandma's house, my house, her house, or whoever's house. (The McCarthys used to throw a LOT of parties in the 1980s.)

Unfortunately, I don't even know my own cousin as well as I know the people I went to school with and hung out with on an almost daily basis like some of the people mentioned above. But what I do know about her, I find very keen.

Katie enjoys movies - but not good ones. She likes cheesy chick flicks and stuff. But she is a big LOST fan, which makes her much cooler. Katie enjoys making jewelry, and she's very good at it, but she has yet to make her favorite cousin (me) the candy necklace he's been begging her for since he was 6.

Katie likes dating weird guys and then publicly bashing their weirdness in her blog HERE. And most of all, Katie is a thinker. She thinks a LOT. This is evidenced in the blog mentioned above. In fact, Katie thinks so much that her head is perpetually about to explode. She'll tell you so. Just read her blog... between the lines.

Katie's awesome. Read her blog. Love ya, cuz!

And thanks to everyone who reads Mike's Brain Leak. Here's to another 9 months and 100 more blog posts! Peace out!


e-money said...

i don't like bad company or catwoman. just for the record.

Reuven said...

you told EVERYONE about my star wars reading thing! That's one skeleton that i want in my closet dammit!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the 100th post :)
You've done a great Job with keeping
me up to date. Not only with good music reviews
but with MOVIES TOO!!!!

-Keep it going ;)

Schwartzilla said...

Ahem. I wonder who was really the most drunkest at that party, becuase it was a Halloween party - not New Years.

And just so the Grammer Nazi doesn't wack you in the nuts, right wing has no hyphen and "firearms" is one word. Just looking out for you buddy...

I'm keeping a minty fresh Glock 9mm and pump shotgun here at the compound for you, for the... well you know, zombie apocalypse (its gonna be in 2012).

This awesome blog you wrote should inspire me to blog more but with Call Of Duty 4, deputies guns to customize/modify and constant reruns of COPS and South Park on the TeeVee I will be eternally distracted.

Congrats on the 100th post you Prius hugging hippie.

- Eric Cartmans biggest fan aka Schwartzilla aka yo mamma bitch

Mike Wood said...

See what I mean, folks?

Reuven said...

By the way, after seeing that Freddie Prinze picture i have to agree -- I DO look like him. Neat.

Katie said...

Ok, cheesey chick flicks are SO far down in my repetoire...they're even on the 3rd shelf (although I do admit they are IN my repetoire). Last night I watched both The Ten and Life of Brian...
Anywho...you've got me pretty figured out...thinks too much. Otherwise, I'm pretty much an enigma to everyone, including myself:)
Happy 100th Post!