Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I've missed you, too.

Hello loyal readers:

I've received countless emails from you all voicing your concern for my recent lack of posts, and I wish to assure you all that I am indeed alive and well.  I've just been a bit busy lately.  Here's the low-down:

1) I'm in the process of getting a new job, so I've been preparing and interviewing and stuff in the afternoons.  This will be a good new job, methinks.

2) I've been hired to build a legal website.  Since I've never done this before, there was a bit of time spent on learning how to do it.  Please excuse my neglect of this site in favor of another: I was getting paid for that one.

3) I don't really have a third reason, but a list of two things always seems rather incomplete.  Isn't there a "comedy rule of threes" or something?  So I guess I'll just fill in this third entry with something else.  But what to discuss?  Hmmm.... Oh!  I know!  I can report the final count on the "Joker" poll!  Turns out exactly 66.6% of you liked Heath Ledger the best, over Jack Nicholson (9%), Ceasar Romero (9%) and Mark Hamill (14%).  (Now, personally, I know that that only adds up to 98%, but I don't think anyone's going to be losing any sleep over this.)  Also, I should tell everyone that I was thinking that the Steely Dan song, "Green Earrings", would be well to sample in a hip-hop song, but some slight research has revealed that Ice Cube already had that idea about 16 years ago (ya know, back when he was a rapper). 

Also, some cool LOST stuff went down at Comicon this past week, but I can't report it here because some of my readers are STILL ON SEASON THREE!  Also, Will Farrell and John C. Reilly's new comedy, Step Brothers, was a solid B- in my book.  Not terrible by any means, just not incredible at all.  A little forgettable, but entertaining while you're in a big dark theater with nothing better to do on a Sunday afternoon than chill with your cousin who was paying for the movie anyway.  It's a decent rental.  In the grand scheme of this decade's (and mostly the last 4 years') otherwise brilliant comedies from Adam McKay and Judd Apatow (et al.), this one was a bit dimmer but still in the realm.

In conclusion, Eddie Van Halen is now fat, but at least he's not dying anymore.

That is all.  End communication.


Schwartzilla said...

Glad to hear you're alright, I was beginning to think something went awry during the sex change operation. Errrr... was that a secret?

Mike Wood said...


Vanilla Ice said...

Thanks for the shout out. The movie was terrible by the way. MAYBE C- material, but that's it. And to make it worse, my co-workers fight like those two tars did at the beginning. Congrats on quitting your job. Hope you find something soon cause I'm expecting to see Pineapple Express on your dime!!

Mike Wood said...

I already have another job - see the new post.