Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain/Fey '08!

This race is really heating up!

In a stunning and perhaps brilliant counter-attack on the Barack Obama Democratic powerhouse, Republican Senator John McCain picked Tina Fey - of Saturday Night Live fame - to be his running-mate in his run for the Presidency.

To editorialize, I'll have to admit I never saw this coming, but it is a pretty crafty move. I was watching a CNN at a bar earlier. The sound wasn't on, but I got the gist of what was going on as they showed pictures of the power-couple making the announcement publicly.

Although Fey has never held public office and has no political experience, she was the very first female head writer on Saturday Night Live - which raises the question, "Why not the first female Vice President?" She's also pretty foxy, so... that can't hurt. She'll also be pretty funny at press conferences and stuff.

I can't say I agree with her political party affiliation, but I do like her stance on aggressive female behavior. She has been quoted on SNL recently as stating that, politically speaking, "bitch is the new black." I think this will, as hoped, pick up a few Hillary supporters. I'll miss her budding film career, however, as I can only imagine she's been forced to put it on hold as long as she may be in office.

I can only assume, since she's involved in pretty much every Tina Fey project, that Amy Pohler will be appointed to a high-power cabinet position. Perhaps Secretary of Defense or something.

This bold, brazen move on the part of the Republicans is definitely going to be giving the Democrats a run for their money, even with the sharp edge of the seemingly unstoppable Barack Obama/Steve Martin ticket.

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