Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"In a world... where voice-over guys die!"

C'mon - you all know this guy.

"In a world..." was the famous and often-parodied opening line to countless movie trailers voiced-over by industry-renowned voice-over actor, Don LaFontaine, who died yesterday at the age of 68. Here's the full story.

If you have any appreciation for the film industry at all, please take a few minutes to watch this great little biographical video about the man behind the legendary voice - CLICK HERE.

And, be sure to watch this classic Pablo Francisco comedy routine honoring the great voice of Don LaFontaine - CLICK HERE.

And if you wanna check out more, here's the man's professional website.

Thanks for all your influence, Don. You shaped the way movies were introduced to the world for a long time. We'll miss you.

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