Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Day The Music (and Movies and Other Stuff) Died

Okay, folks. That's it! You won't be forced to wade through my boring movie and music reviews anymore!

I've done a little research and I've discovered that - surprise, surprise - you hate my reviews. You don't only hate them... you loath them! You despise them. You can't even begin to stand them. If you hated them any less, you'd comment to that effect. But you don't even do that! As soon as you see the title of a given blog, telling that the content of that particular blog will be a review of a movie, a new album, a TV show, a play, a book, a concert or a clever news article I found, you just click your way to something more entertaining. Wow. That's hatred!

But, ya know what? That's okay. They're done. You'll never see another album or movie review on this blog. If I ever change my mind, I'll just create a new blog specifically for that. But why bother?

It seems that much of my personal world revolves around music and movies. I'm into that. I watch movies, listen to (or "consume") a lot of music... like, a LOT! I scour iTunes every Monday night after 9 PM so I can see what music available to America now that it's Tuesday on the East Coast. I read music and movie reviews in Rolling Stone, and watch and listen to podcasts on iTunes about movies and music. That's my bag, baby! That's my thing! And now I know... it's almost no one else's. Okay. Fair enough.

So, here's the big question: what will I write about now?

That's mostly up to you folks. I wanna know what you like. I can't draw freakin' amazing cartoons like my hero, Josh Cooley, or write about my awesome new baby boy like my hero, Doug Cox. I can't rant about the ups and downs of dating guys like my cousin, Katie McCarthy, or my love for guns, corporal punishment, and John McCain like my non-cousin, Mike Schwartz. (In all fairness, of those topics listed, Mike has only ever written about guns... once. I just like bustin' his conservative balls.) But then again, I can't write nothing - like my heros Mark Zabrowski and Katherine Gall. (Seriously, guys - get typing, already! Neither of you have written a blog in 3 months!)

So what do you wanna read from me? More political satire and commentary? Personal opinions about popular subjects? Should I go all "Andy Rooney" and go on random rants about crap that drives me nuts? Would you like me to make up tales of adventure and woe that never actually happened to me, but I write as though they had? Would you like for me to write cheesy, sappy poetry as though I were really deep and introspective?... and a total douchbag? Cause I can do that - don't think I can't do that.

Just wanted to take a little census poll, here. Let's hear some feedback.

Thanks, peeps.
Myk Would


Brad said...

"Personal opinions about popular subjects?" Like movies and music?

Why not challenge your self to come up with an original story idea every week? It's good to just keep on writing (or so I'm told)

Some old friend said...

Well I think your movie/music reviews are just fine. In fact, those reviews were the reason I'd check your blogsite often -- aside from everything else too, of course.

Mike said...

No, Brad - movies and music have never ben popular. Hence, this latest blog! Other stuff, i mean!

I've been thinking about that story idea.

Schwartzilla said...

You should be using your influential voice to warn people of things of importance, you know, like, the zombie apocalypse, commies, people from Philidelphia, illegal aliens, hippies and east Indian Dell tech support. If you did that your blog would be my homepage.

Just my opinion, the SNL and political stuff isn't my favorite. Your music and movie stuff is where it's at.

the Pit Master said...

you fuckin brat. Why do you write a blog? So everyone can agree with you? Are you writing for us or you? That is the question -

decide. I read to hear your voice. Even if your opinions suck.

Mike said...

Dude, who are you? Why do you read my blog if you hate it and me so much? Go away, loser! Nobody likes you. Get a life and stop flaming my blog, dickwad!

I'm just gonna delete all your comments.

Katie said...

Well you KNOW I love the grammar blogs and the updated commentary on your life are a close second. If it makes you feel better, I don't read reviews period (ok, some Pajiba - but their dry, pretentious humor is the draw - not the review)
Maybe snipets...teasers if you will...of your work?

Mike Wood said...

Now THAT'S feedback.

E Dagger said...

if you reviewed good music i would read them! ha!!