Wednesday, October 22, 2008


So, there's this jack-ass who keeps reading and hating on my blog, which wouldn't be so bad if he made any sense or had any reason to do so. But he doesn't. And it's just getting annoying.

Sometimes he goes by "ody3" and sometimes, like tonight, he goes by "the Pit Master" - and guess what! He's really getting on my nerves!

I let him have one last bitch session in the comments section of my previous blog (here), to which I responded quite honestly and with a heart-felt condolence. You can find that one directly below his post.

Don't worry - you guys won't ever hear from him again, as I'm simply going to delete every comment he leaves. That's called censorship and I get to censor my own blog as I see fit. But, present a good, honest and sound argument - you get to stay. Decide to be a jack-ass for the sake of being a jack-ass and you're gone. That's what this guy's been doing. And he's gone.

Now, you know me, folks. I'm not the type to get into these meaningless, nerdy little "flame wars". But once in a while, you gotta kick a jack-ass in the ass. So if you feel like contributing to the cause and helping to raise the rail upon which I intend to ride this fool out of town, feel free to visit his blog (here), and leave him some annoying messages, telling him how his opinions on Blues music and BBQ are all wrong, stupid and lame. Be sure to let him know how much you hate his blog, even though you voluntarily clicked your way there, filled the the brim with free will - because that makes as much sense as what he's been doing on the Brain Leak.

Spitefully yours,

P.S. Fuck off, jack-ass!


Brad said...

tee hee hello kitty is cute

Anonymous said...

i think pitmaster or whatever your name is should totally keep reading and commenting. wasn't there some stuff written about America and hating anyone/anything you want...hmmmm....i don't think the pitster hates mike, pitman likes the blog....more power to ya (both of ya!).

Mike Wood said...

Yes, he can hate anything he wants - including my opinions. He can even comment to that effect. I can also decide I don't like him and - through my freedom of expression - I can delete his comments all I want.


Reuven said...

Brad, you hilarious! (to be read in a Charles Barkley voice)

Brad said...

I always read everything you type in a Barkley voice. Finally it fit.

Schwartzilla said...

Avast! There is douchebaggery afoot. What kind of raging retard posts comments on a strangers backwater blog?

This sounds like a job for Cockpuncher or Schwartzilla!

"You have the right to express yourself as long as you don't talk from your asshole." That's what my grandma always told me.