Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"NO on Prop 8" Argument

I'm re-posting an email that a buddy of mine sent around to some of his friends. In this email, my friend explains why he's voting "NO on Proposition 8" this November, and I think it pretty well sums up my own feelings about it all, as well.

Here it is:

Hey everyone,

This is mostly to my friends who haven't paid attention to Prop 8. If you have, cool. But I am hoping to open some eyes to those who may decide to "skip" this PROP when you're voting. I'm sorry to be "soliciting" here, but this one I feel VERY, VERY strongly about. I hope maybe you will too.

Voting YES on Prop 8 will take away a gay person's right to marry. Period.

A lot of people voting YES have stated, "It's going to be taught in our schools... It isn't fair that they will teach something I think is 'morally objectionable'." I encourage you to read this article in which Hilary McLean, spokeswoman for Jack O'Connell, the STATE SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION has to really say about that (on both sides):


And the frustrating thing is that even if it WERE taught in schools (and yes, you'll hear the Maryland story and the SF "gay wedding field trip" a million times), it's your right to tell your children otherwise if you wish, when they come home. I certainly don't think Columbus founded America, yet some teacher is going to tell my child that, and I will tell them otherwise.

Also, people think a lot of things are "morally objectionable." That doesn't mean it should be hidden. And if someone tells your child one thing, like marriage is between two PEOPLE and you believe it should only be "Man & Woman", then tell your child that. Whatever. It's your right. I don't agree, but it's your right. God forbid we have an open dialogue with our children.

"They can't pro-create." This one kills me. Especially when I see my adopted friends who are now happy and healthy HETEROSEXUAL adults and were raised by gay parents. Even IF their child were to be gay, who cares! It's not YOUR child! I digress. Also, how much more insulting can you be to a heterosexual couple that is unable to have children? They can't technically pro-create, right? I guess they shouldn't get married either.

The bottom line is that YES on 8 people say "We are not taking away anyone's rights. They can still have 'civil unions' blah blah blah". YES, they ARE. They are taking away a gay person's RIGHT to marry in the way that ALL of us have the right to marry. It is basically stating that "we will not put you in our definition of marriage because you are not as moral as we are." It's ridiculous.

"I don't want marriage to be redefined." You'll hear that too.

Well, there was a time when a lot of people didn't want marriage to include BLACKS and would also use bible passages as reasoning. This same fight happened when a white man was unable to marry a black woman because marriage's "definition" did not include whites marrying blacks. And THIS was changed. Imagine if it hadn't been?

And speaking of bible passages, anyone who tells you "It's in the bible that homosexuality is a sin" is HIGHLY ARGUABLE. And there are a lot of things one could use to show the hypocrisy in using the bible as reasoning (like the many sins we should be stoned for that a lot of people have committed for centuries). Anyway, that's a whole other can of worms.

I could go on forever about this. I'll just say this: I am a heterosexual man, happily married to a woman, a believer in God, and I AM VOTING NO ON PROP 8.

Just wanted to throw in my two cents to my friends who haven't thought about it at all.... not that my opinion means anything ;-) But I encourage you to open your minds and really think about it.



emily said...

thanks for your argument. people should research this issue and weigh the consequences. it doesn't take away any rights from homosexuals (besides the right recently created and defined by 4 judges). even if this does not pass, they won't be afforded any more federal or state rights.

it really is about redefining an institution. the civil rights movement doesn't really count because it was dealing with race. this is dealing with gender. they aren't the same thing.

anyways. this has an interesting discussion here:


Brad said...

I hate it when my Shift and Caps Lock keys don't work too.

Nice canned message that shows your didn't really read the post (the civil rights movement wasn't directly brought up, yet you comment on it).

Bah, canned messages with the intent to direct people to their site or blog annoy me.

Mike Wood said...


the Pit Master said...

ok -
don't force your chioces in life on me and I won't force them on you.

Why do you feel the need to justify your choices in a partner by making me accept it? I don't - make the choice and live with the challenges.

Mike Wood said...

Holy shit! Are you a COMPLETE, and TOTAL IDIOT?

How the FUCK am I forcing ANYTHING on you? I don't even want you reading my blog! Which, by the way, I'll reiterate, is MY BLOG! I can write whatever the fuck I want to write on MY BLOG! You moron!

On top of that, your "argument" is completely stupid, short-sighted, self-serving, self-centered and lacks any trace of logic. If two dudes wanna get married, HOW DOES THAT EFFECT YOU IN THE LEAST!?!?!?! No one's asking you to ACCEPT it! Hate it all you want - that's your RIGHT! This is America and you can hate who ever or what ever you want! But that doesn't give you the right to TREAT them any differently, just like you can't treat African-Americans, Jews, Women, the Handicapped, or people with an accent any differently! It's in the constitution - "All men are created equal"... ALL MEN! Even gay ones, you jack-ass!

Go hate somewhere else. Stop reading and commenting on my blog! This is the last one you get and henceforth all of your inane, pointless comments will be deleted.

Fuck off!

Brad said...

Dude, your post clearly had a subtext, and that subtext is that pitmaster and ody3 must marry eachother

Your favorite cousin from Oakland said...

I don't think any society that watches shows like "who wants to marry your own cousin's dog" on prime-time should have shit to say about who's f***ing or marrying who. Who are we kidding. None of these stank ass a holes that have a problem with it can even stay married long enough to pop out a kid and see them make it to college.

And Dear Pit-Master,
The day my gay friend and I come to your house and tell you to "bend over" so I can show you what he will be doing with his husband, can be the day you open your dumb ass mouth to vote "no thank you". Otherwise stay out of people's business.

Mike Wood said...

Kill, Ali! Kill!