Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Here's a simple math equation to help all my Republican friends understand how the Democrats are feeling today.


Anonymous said...

You mean how YOU feel today? Incidentally, subtraction and addition are on the same rank in the order of operations. You don't need parentheses in that equation :)

E said...

Don't you dare close your eyes!

Brad said...


you feel like princes jasmine being whisked away on a magic carpet ride?

I bet that's how Scott Thompson felt the first time he did a line of coke off an 18 year old boys ass.

Morgan said...


Mike Wood said...

Wow, Brad. I'm impressed at your vulgarity. And yes - I think we all, as a country (those of us who voted for Obama, anyway) felt a bit like Jasmine. But not in the, "Gee, I have a vagina and I think this boy is cute!" kinda way. More like the, "Holy Shit! A fucking MAGIC CARPET! Rock on! Can I ride on it? I CAN!?! FUCK YEAH!" kinda way.

And it's about the title of the song being kinda fitting, too. Don't make me explain my jokes, dammit!