Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Right Now: Sammy's still workin' it

Why didn't anyone tell me that Sammy had put out another new album?

Granted, I haven't really been keeping up on these guys like I did when I was 16, even though far more information is available to me now via this version of the Internet, as opposed to that of 1997, but... there just isn't as much going on... or so I thought.

Here's the video for Sammy Hagar's new single - COSMIC UNIVERSAL FASHION - from the album of the same name. And, from the looks of it, Sammy's been reminiscing about old times.

It's good to see Sammy just gettin' loud and distorted again. He's been trying my patience with this Jimmy Buffet-wannabe Waboritas crap for years now. It's not terrible music, but he's just been lining himself up to be the next Parrot Master, even going to the extent of dubbing his fans "Redheads".

But, finally, here's an album of just some good old loud rock n' roll. It's a little dark, a little angry, but mostly just rockin'. You certainly can't say Sammy has ever stopped trying. While his former bandmates in Van Halen have not put out an album of new material in over a decade, Sammy has continuously channeled his creative spirit in album after album (six times since originally parting ways with Eddie & Co., plus a few live albums and greatest hits compilations). This guy just never slows down, which is pretty admirable. Eddie should have taken Sammy's old motto to heart: "There's only one way to rock."


e said...

not a fan of the song but i like the video. the song needs melody!

Mike Wood said...

Who's Melody?