Monday, November 10, 2008

Strategery in Action: Mike's Political Soapbox

Holy crap! Is it too late to still impeach this pig fucker?

With the new President a couple months away from being sworn in, it seems that Ol' Lame Duck Dubya had been bombing the fuck out of anyone and any place he deemed worthy of destruction in the name of The War on Terror, and kept it all top secret all this time. No, not just before the attacks took place, but afterward as well. And he's been doing it for the past FOUR YEARS!

Eric Schmitt and Mark Mazzetti of The New York Times reported this morning that, "The U.S. military since 2004 has used broad secret authority to carry out nearly a dozen previously undisclosed attacks against al-Qaida and other extremists in Syria, Pakistan and elsewhere, say senior U.S. officials." (Read more here.)

So, I just wanted to comment that, on top of the Guantanamo Bay/Torture thing, and the abolition of Habius Corpus thing, not to mention the wire tapping, the water boarding, and over-all defiance of the Geneva Convention and the official rules of engagement in war that this Bush Administration has carried out over the last eight years, now we hear about this. THIS!

It's one thing to make a totally unjustified declaration of war on a country that never did anything directly to us, and posed only an imaginary or "potential" threat to our homeland, proof of which could never be found. It's a completely other thing to then secretly take the war to countries outside of the lines drawn by that declaration of war - to "Syria, Pakistan and elsewhere" - just because you feel they pose a threat as well. And I'm not arguing that there wasn't a threat out there, or that we should only attack abroad after we've been attacked at home - but TELL the American people! We have a right to know to which targets have our tax dollars gone for the purposes of blowin' shit up! Make reports after the fact of your super secret missions! Not four years later, not two years later, but THE NEXT DAY! It's not okay to do your own bidding behind our backs! "...OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE", JACKASS!

And I guess it's not surprising. It's actually pretty characteristic of the dirty pool these guys play in the name of keeping America safe. And, by no means will I argue that Bush doesn't know how to get some things done, but there are ethics to consider here!

This administration was supposed to be representing America: the American people and their ideals, which our forefathers fought and died in multiple, very bloody wars to uphold! Ethics like the right to fair trials for all accused parties - not just American accused parties. Habius Corpus - one of the fundamental ideals upon which our government was founded; the right for an accused party to deny the charges against him and stand trial by a jury of his peers... just tossed away by these guys! Because of what?

Now, I'm not some political expert or historian, but we all know that the Bush family has been in bed with the Saudi Royal Family for decades - it's ridiculously well-documented - and we know that this Iraq War had nothing to do with the attacks on 9/11/01, a connection to which the Bush Administration went to great lengths to draw. So it's obvious to me and a lot of other Americans that this has just been one giant opportunistic scheme carried out by some of the most diabolical minds (and the most brain-dead patsy) that Washington has ever seen.

But on top of all that filth and greed, (to which I'm sure we won't know the full story for years and years,) to then metaphorically burn the Flag and spit on the ideals of this great country in such a manner is just completely... well, there are no words. It's not just bad, it's not just sickening, and it's not just completely wrong on every level. It's deeper than that. I'd say it's evil, but I don't know that I believe in evil.

I believe in extreme short-sightedness. I believe in misguided morals and misleading principals. I believe in the power of corruption and the corruption of power. But I also believe that this, too, shall pass. I believe that the pendulum swings both ways; forever back and forth. It's plain to see that, as in the past, this country will see horrific struggles in the future. We will see economic woes and violent wars. We will see dark times the likes of which we cannot imagine today. But we will also see brighter times. And as the sun rises on a new era, and a new President, I certainly am witness to some seeds of hope that I don't believe have been able to find root in this American soil for nearly half a century.

Let us hope this new sun will shine brightly. God bless America. And God have mercy on the soul of George W. Bush.


e said...

god bless america? can we abolish religion already!

Morgan King said...

epic lol