Tuesday, January 20, 2009



An historic day has come and gone.  The "President-Elect" has become "President" and an era of darkness that shrouded the White House for eight years has lifted, shining a new light over all of this land.  Pretty impressive stuff.

I first came to know Barack Obama just over four years ago, when he - a relative-unknown on the National stage at the time - gave the Keynote Speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention for John Kerry.  Kerry ultimately (although arguably) lost the election that year, but the world took notice of the young Senator from Illinois, and I for one heard myself say, "Who was THAT!?!  Screw Kerry!  I want THAT GUY to be President!"  Four long and hard years later, he is.

On this momentous occasion - the day of President Obama's inauguration ceremony - I wish to congratulate all of us who dared to believe, and those who have worked so hard to bring this vision into reality.

If you have time, you should really watch these two videos: the 2004 keynote speech and today's inauguration speech.  

It's been a long, hard road, but today a new journey begins.  This road will be one of "extraordinary peril but also one of promise", as Mr. President put it today.  

Congratulations, America.  Now, let's get to work!

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